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A surprise during a farm haying day

HOT and DRY! These were the words for the summer of 1988. But one day, while working at baling hay a surprise came from the sky that brightened our day.

Listen and find out what stopped farm work.

Some days you just work but there are times when farm work takes a back seat to a surprise visitor. Even Bob thought it a good idea to stop work and greet our visitor.

Hoping a good surprise comes your way today.

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When the rain didn’t come

This year (2021) gave us a very dry, hot June. The year 1988 was near the same.

This column is about praying for rain, seeing clouds, and wishing they would bring beneficial precipitation.

Luckily, our weather changed at the end of June this year. The rain came all at once, but it sure helped the crops.

No knowing how the rest of the season will be. Will rain come when needed? Or will it skip this area again? Only the Almighty knows.

Hoping for enough rain, but not too much.

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When dust was flying

This column tells about 1989, a year when the rains failed to come.

Farmers continued to plant even though it was very dry. I tell how it felt riding through a dusty field as I worked the ground.

Perfect farm years are hard to find. Farmers continue to work rain or no rain. You never know when things will improve and rain will arrive.

In 1989, Bob and I ate a lot of dust but continued to work. It’s what we had to do to keep the farm.

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It’s all about prayers

I was praying a lot in 1989. My dad was diagnosed with cancer and farming was the pits.

In that time, I wondered how many prayers we were allotted. This column recounts my thinking at that time.

Praying to win the lottery seems like a waste of time for a person praying and for God.

This weekend we commemorate those who have fallen in service to our country. Memorial Day weekend is a good time for prayers.

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Bob’s story

My late husband had all kinds of things happen to him while farming, afterward he would recount them to me.

Some stories were about machinery breakdowns. This one concerned wild weather.

No matter what happened, Bob laughed. Even this time, when he almost bought-the-farm.

I continue to live on the farm. Though others work the ground, Bob’s heart and soul is still here on Sunnybook Farm.

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