Farmers Market day 2

Bob and I spent a second Tuesday afternoon at the Seymour Farmer’s Market. It was a bit hotter, but there was a breeze and no rain.

It went better today as we had a brand new canopy that popped up. Well, since it was new, it needed a little more effort to get it up. It sure packed up a whole lot faster at the end of the day than our old one.

The Seymour Farmers Market.
Our canopy is the white one on the left with the for lease sign behind it.
Bob tending the store. No, he’s not for lease.

One of the main activities we did this day was people watch. That took up a good part of our afternoon.

We plan to go again next Tuesday. I mean, now that we have a decent popup canopy, we can’t stay home. We have to make use of it, so we’ll be there every Tuesday through August. Come on by.

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