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As I walked down my farm lane, I watched many yellow butterflies flutter-by.

I tried snapping a photo, but as soon as I zoomed in, they were gone. I finally caught these two.

Beauty is found in the littlest creatures.

Copyright © 2021 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

Humming right along

I changed the sugar water in the hummingbird feeder and had a visitor right away.

I waited for it to return, but tired, and gave up.

Look in the mirror and you’ll see me on a ladder, holding my phone, snapping my own picture. By this time the little humming bird had flitted away.

Copyright © 2021 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

Susan takes a stand for mourning doves

In 1989 Wisconsin put their peace dove, the mourning dove, on the list of animals to hunt. I objected and wrote about my feelings.

Everyone did not agree with me. Some even wrote letters to the editor. Wow! Here’s what I wrote about the idea of hunting one of my favorite birds.

Mourning doves are fun to watch and listen to, but there’s only a bit of meat on their bones, so don’t shoot and eat them.

A small group of hunters is allowed to hunt on Sunnybook Farm. Most seek deer, some turkeys, and ducks, but no one is allowed to shoot a mourning dove. That’s the rule.

You may object to my stand on hunting these mournful little birds and that’s your right. But this is my farm and YOU SHALL NOT HUNT MOURNING DOVES HERE!

Copyright © 2021 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

Spring arrives on a wing

Geese flying in from the south may mean spring to you. For me, the arrival of the red-winged blackbird heralds spring.

This column from days gone by shows how those birds bring spring to me.

It doesn’t matter the year. When red-wing blackbirds warble for the first time in April, I celebrate the birth of spring.

Wishing you days where birds brighten your life.

Copyright © 2021 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

Down the lane

I had a great video of hundreds of geese flying away but it wouldn’t download. Today the geese took off before I was close enough for a good video, but other birds hung around.

Turn up volume to hear the sounds of spring on Sunnybook Farm.

It was a good walk and I managed to get back to the house with only a few raindrops hitting me.

Copyright © 2021 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved