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Listening to my neighbors

Not the mooing of cows today.

My other neighbors are talking early this morning.

Their calls aren’t melodious. Sandhill cranes speak in an ancient language, one heard by dinosaurs.

When you are out in the countryside, listen to the small chirps of little birds, but don’t forget to check out the calls of sandhill cranes.

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Uninvited visitors

I walked across the street to get a better view of the sunset. It was a lovely evening and I took time to wait for the sun to sag toward the horizon.

As I stood in the quiet, I heard munching coming from behind me. This is what I discovered when I turned around.

A mama raccoon and her growing brood had come for a snack. They were cleaning up the cat food left by the barn cats.

I tried to tiptoe closer, without making a sound, so I could get a better view.

Too bad they sensed me and took off.

This time they ran north, not up the tree. They all disappeared quickly, not pausing for more photos.

Copyright © 2021 Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

Masked visitors

These guys came with their mother to get a drink and a snack. After I scared them, they went up the basswood tree. Mom was faster and is not in video.

They took time to grab a last mouthful of cat food before leaving the porch. You can see one still munching.

Copyright © 2021 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

Water, please!

I didn’t have the heart to chase this raccoon family away. A mother coon brought her young ones for a drink today. Here’s what I saw out my window.

Raccoons can be a big problem. I wish these lived in the woods. Still, I just witnessed a mother taking care of her babies by leading them to water. That is all part of nature.

These guys also cleaned up the last of the kibble the outside cats didn’t eat.

I will refill the water bowl so any critter can have a drink today. It did rain some, but it’s still pretty dry here. No puddles were left, even in my driveway.

Copyright © 2021 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved