The cone dilemma

Stella started with a post-operative shirt. It wasn’t until she shredded a section in the rear of the shirt that I decided we needed more. First, came a plastic cone.

That plastic cone didn’t work for Stella. She hated it and began tearing it apart. That’s when she got her mouth stuck and I had to remove the cone from around her neck.

Though the shirt keeps her belly covered, I wasn’t sure if she’d let it stay. That’s when I added this blue neck piece.

This blowup device seemed to have worked the best. She can move, eat, and drink without my help. (The brand I bought: BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs and Cats – Soft Pet Recovery Collar Does Not Block Vision E-Collar)

I’m trying to keep my puppy healthy and happy, The inflatable collar was needed to keep her comfortable, though she’s still wearing her shirt, too.

Stella and I can’t wait to have her spaying stitched removed. The ten days ahead will test us both, but there’s an end in sight.

Until next time, that’s all there is from Sunnybook Farm.

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