Beauty on the wing

I love watching out my kitchen window and seeing the birds that come to eat at the feeder. Nature is moving forward. It’s is spring and the wildlife are all getting ready to reproduce.

Eastern bluebird

Here are a couple photos I have snapped of neighborhood feathered friends.


There are many cardinals flitting about the yard. These birds call to each other from the trees around our house. Sometimes I whistle back and listen for a response. Often, they answer me even if my cardinal impression isn’t very good.

As I write this blog, crows are voicing their opinions to each other nearby. Bob actually was very fond of crows, so listening to their squawks reminds me of my husband.

I hope to see many more feathered neighbors come for more visits. I keep the outside cats well fed so they are too slow and fat to notice the birds, which is a good thing for all.

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