Coffee and cake

If it’s Tuesday, it’s time for coffee. A group of my friends meets every Tuesday morning at Sissy’s in Seymour for coffee. Today we also met for Kathy’s birthday.

I’m holding bread, ready to give Kathy her gift. Kathy is on the far right.

For quite a few weeks, I didn’t make it to coffee. I was too afraid to leave Bob’s side when he was just starting his cancer treatment. Today I thought Bob well enough so I could leave the house for an hour.

Everyone knows what gift I bring for birthdays. Each person gets fresh-made bread, still warm from my oven for their special day–last week I brought 3 loaves, catching up on birthdays I had missed earlier in the year.

Because I can’t count on Bob remembering exactly what pills to take at 11, I left after one cup of coffee and no cake. Of course my friends didn’t let me out of Sissy’s without cake. They sent me home with a big slice, enough for both Bob and me. Yum.

Coffee Tuesdays always leave me with a good feeling, even if I have to leave early. Today was special because of Kathy’s birthday, but really, any time spent with friends is good.

Happy Birthday, Kathy!